Join us on our Koku Culture adventure

Kenji and I have been chefs in Sydney with an combined experience of 30 years. We have incorporated as much high quality locally sourced Australian products into our menus as much as possible for many years now but there are many things that are unavailable like soy sauce and miso so we decided to produce our own. 

Kenji, along with his mother took a trip back to their roots and have found the traditional techniques that were once used to make these Japanese condiments and combined with my love for all things fermented this is what we make here today. 

Our products are hand-made from biodynamic and organic Australian ingredients in small batches which are then naturally fermented and sold unpasteurised to preserve the best probiotic microorganisims where possible.

Combining traditional japanese techniques with rich cultured flavours and the best quality local and seasonal ingredients to bring you our unique take on Australian japanese food and drinks.

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